Below are some of the projects/hackathons I have participated in and languages & framweorks I have had some experience in. For more projects check out my Github!


First place in Firstco's challenge 'Most Innovative Hack Incorporating Transportation' for webapp TubeAmp.

A webapp that takes a departure and destination station in the London Underground and creates a spotify playlist that includes the names of the stations in between the two inputted and the length of the playlist is of the length of the journey.

My part was connecting the webapp with the TFL API to get all the station names and times & making the actual website for the webapp to run on. Languages used were HTML,JS,Python and framework used was Flask for Python.
Project available on Github


Was my A-Level project in computing. It's a checkers game to play against an artificial intelligence that uses a Min-Max based approach.

Although quite a naive approach to the problem, it taught me a lot in the whole AI approach to machine learning and now, almost 4 years after, I look forward to trying this project again with a different machine learning approach. Languages used were Java.
Project available on Github


This was a small personal,project I made for my father. It is a web application to track items via a database and be able to carry out basic operations like deletion,addition and updating of items.

It has inbuilt multiuser,multiadmin capabilities and has additional functionalities such as adding fields like images and documents. This project is not complete but requires quite a bit of polishing and security increase.

It was particularly fun to carry out this project due to it being a rather full-stack experience. Languages used were HTML,JS,PHP,SQL and technologies used were MariaDB Database,Herokuapp.
Project available on Github

This Website

This particular website has been a personal project running since December 2017. It has been an incredible learning experience because of the amount of technologies that I needed to use.

First of all I rented a droplet on DigitalOcean for a simple 1GB RAM and 25GB hard disk and installed Debian Stretch on it. Currently, there are 3 versions running of this website (2 on idle and 1 active at any time) which are implementations in Python+Flask+WSGI & Apache, PHP on LAMP and Vue.js+Nuxt.js+Nginx.

Currently, this is the PHP version running.
There is also a mail server running which required tinkering around with Apache configuration , nameservers and virtual hosts but it was a very rewarding experience and now I have my own Email!

Languages used were HTML, JS, PHP, SQL, Python, Bash and technologies used were Linux Architecture, Apache, Nginx, Nameservers, Mailserver, Webserver, Fileserver, Vue.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js.
Project (will be) available on Github 😁 .